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12 Days of Giveaways Winners!

Dear Readers,

Thank you to all who spent some time getting to know our amazing lineup of authors! Now, it's time to announce some winners.

Congratulations to Joanne Kocourek and Sarah Taylor! You've both won an e-copy of 'Tis the Sneezin' just in time for Christmas! Tis the Sneezin' (Check your email, winners! :) )

As an added bonus for everyone today, I'm having a flash sale on all of the titles in my catalog. Stop on by and fill your Kindles with Cozy Mystery fun!

But wait -- there's more! I have a couple of FREEBIES today too! You can grab both here: FREEBIES

Thank you all for stopping by! Have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year! Don't forget to stop by the other author's blogs to see if you've won.

Merry Christmas,

Ava Mallory

12 Days of Christmas Book Giveaways

It's giveaway time!

It's day three of the 12 Days of Christmas Book Giveaways and that means it's my day to host a giveaway.

Two winners will win an e-copy of my new release 'Tis the Sneezin'! (Winners will be chosen on Christmas Day 12/25/15.)

Here's the book:

Tis the Sneezin' Description:

Traveling nurse Mercy Mares is up to her eyeballs in donations for the town's annual holiday celebration. Every nook and cranny of her house and all of her friend's and neighbor's houses are overflowing with gifts for ill children in her local hospital. It's all she can do to keep track of what is what and who is who. 

On the night that she and her merry band of helpers are to deliver these gifts, everything, including gifts she bought for her loved ones, simply disappear without a trace. 

Now, Mercy has to find the thief before those who appointed her this year's Mrs. Claus find out that they're missing and dozens of children a…

12 Days of Christmas Book Giveaway

Good news readers ~~~

Beginning on Monday, December 14th (TODAY!), I will be taking part in the ultimate12 Days ofChristmasblog tour. Some wonderful authors have joined together to make your holidays brighter with giveaways galore.

Why not get your holiday celebration started early and join in on the fun?

Load your stockings and reading devices with some wonderful goodies courtesy of these fabulous Sci-fi/Paranormal/ Fantasy and Romance/Mystery authors below:

Day 1 Monday 12/14/16 -- Angela Carling
Tamara Passey

Day 2Tuesday 12/15/15 -- Jason Zandri
Britney Mills

Day 3Wednesday 12/16/15 -- Nicole Zoltack 
Ava Mallory (That's me!)

Day 4Thursday 12/17/15 --  James D.
KJ Traynor

Day 5Friday 1…

Hiatus during the holidays? I think not!

Leave it to me to take a hiatus from my writing world during the holiday season!

After writing 151,000 words during NaNoWriMo, I made what I thought was a good decision and declared that I'd not write a word during December. Brilliant, right?

Well, considering that I'm writing this blog post right now and I send out daily tweets, Facebook posts, emails, a bi-weekly newsletter and write countless notes to myself and my children, I do believe I've failed. That's not to mention the book descriptions I'm constantly tweaking or writing for others or the notebooks full of outlines I've written this month.

You see, I simply cannot stop writing, regardless of what I've promised myself. A writer writes. All. The. Time. We can't help ourselves. Even if I'm not physically writing -- either on paper or on my Alphasmart or my laptop -- I am writing in my head or in my dreams.

Admitting I have a problem (sort of) is the first step to...

I think it's time to r…

Tuesday Reviews

It's Tuesday and that can only mean one thing in my world: Read all the books!
I buy a lot of books. I mean, A LOT of books. I read everything. Sticking to one genre is just not my thing. It never has been. If there's words in it, I'll probably read it. Within reason, of course.
I also read several books at once. I can't explain why. That's just the way my brain works. I can bounce from book to book, genre to genre, and never feel lost. I guess that's why I also write in several genres. 
Beginning next week, I'll post reviews for books I read in the previous week. None of the books were given to me. I purchased or borrowed every last one of them. You'll know what I'm reading in the upcoming week.
To get things started, these are the books I'm reading this week (Tuesday through Tuesday):
1. A Drink Before the War by Dennis Lehane - - This is a dark, gritty thriller. It was published in 1994, but still incredibly relevant to…