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Introducing the Beatrice Montoya Mysteries

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Life as the offspring of Hollywood’s one-time It Girl has its perks, but when their mother trades in her multimillion-dollar estate for a quieter life in the middle of nowhere, sisters, Beatrice and Juliana Montoya never imagined small-town life could lead to so much trouble. The family managed to avoid the gossip columns for years, but when Beatrice stumbles over a body outside her office door, the rumor mill revs up and their long-time secret comes dangerously close to being made public. If their true identities are exposed, the shock will undoubtedly cause a frenzy, but could it also be the key to finding answers about the murderer? Find out in this humorous Hollywood glitz and glamour meets small-town romance witchy cozy mystery, the first book in the brand-new Beatrice Montoya Mystery series by Ava Mallory.