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Friday, November 27, 2015

To Trust Or Not To Trust

I can't be trusted...

- to blog on a regular basis because Netflix won't stop calling my name. (Neither will the children!)
- stay clear of chocolate. (Solution: Stop buying chocolate. Yeah right!)
- to hit my daily word count (5K) before someone needs me. (Or my Facebook feed beckons me.)
- to stop buying books. (Why are writers so talented? They tempt me with their words.)
- to stop reading blog posts. (Bloggers rock!)
- to complete a Barre exercise video without wanting to die. (Yoga pants rule!)
- to run 3.5 miles three times per week even when my knees beg me to stop. (Stop whining!)
- to watch an episode of Fixer Upper and not want to move to Texas. (Humidity & curls, oh my!)
- to not cry at commercials. (But, they eat Cheerios as a family!)
- to stay away from anything containing cheese. (Everything tastes better with cheese!)

The above marks my official relaunch into the blogging world. Woo-hoo! Now, someone please hold me accountable and send chocolate, cheese, books, and unlimited streaming programming so I can finally get some work done before I run a marathon - someday. Not today, but someday.

For the love of books & chocolate,

Ava Mallory

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